Just Survivors, my new song is NOW available on all streaming services!


Slide Blues Goodbye

Ac G's Just Survivors will be released on 17th May!

This is the 5th Song to the 'Replugged Singles'. Still not exactly fine, but having recovered enough from my injury, Just Survivors is back at the way my guitar and me are used to do. The song is about the aftermath of lifes episodes you have tried to hold on fiercly, realizing that life itself allready has moved on.

The singles are leading to the "Replugged / Loaded" Album, please help me with ideas on the cover art, and send them to me. The suggestion selected, will win the entire "Replugged Package". Even the songs to come belonging to the Replugged cycle! All participants will get access to material on production of the album, for a deeper insight.
Have fun, and hit me up!



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Replugged Singles

Just Survivors
Released 17th May 2019
The fifth song to the Replugged Singles. It's about circumstances in life you're fiercly holding on to, and the moment you realize that a new era allready has begun. Remember, Life will make it's way!
Just Survivors  Cover
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Released 21st December 2018
It is the fourth song to the Replugged Singles, and i guess it will simply surprise you as it's not done in usual approach. The topic is relateable to each and everyone, it's about Heartbreak and Heartache.
Goodbye Cover
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Released 27th April 2018
It is the second single to the Replugged cycle, and is kind of a counterpart to Black Magic single. The song about questioning the way you go, about the desire burning in you.
Desire Cover
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Black Magic
Released 5th Decemeber 2017!
Black Magic is written within Ac G's "Replugged" concept, the first release to it, and part of the replugged Singles. This single's sound is very rough and alternative rocking. It's based on a weird story of a love's aftermath.
Black Magic Cover
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Released 1st December 2016.
Dreaming contains 4 instrumental tunes, as there are: Dreaming, Starry, Bye Time, A Misty Day. The EP is named after the first track. This is Ac G's second release. You can download it, or order a CD!
Dreaming Cover
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Released 15th October 2015.
'One' is a mixture of instrumentals and Blues to Rock songs. The songs are inspired by life occurrences and simply, moods. The album is named 'One' for two reasons, first it's Ac G's first release. Second, the songs are done by one person with one Guitar. You can download, the album, or order a USB / CD!
One Cover
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Replugged Cycle 4th Single

of the EP Dreaming

Reviewer Super Rock School Super Rock School Logo

It's an image we've seen many times. A lone guy, guitar slung across his back, staring out at the wonders of the universe. For an acoustic artist who goes by the name of Ac(e) G it's not a cliched image. It's a reality. That's how he gets his inspiration for songwriting.

Ac(e)'s goal is to capture the impact of an entire band on a single instrument, his acoustic guitar. It's a lofty goal that Ac(e) has definitely achieved. Comparing his full band tracks to his acoustic work shows how developed Ac(e)'s guitar technique is.

The full band track of Black Magic is a slow, grinding song that borders the line between metal and grunge. It is saturated in low end heaviness. Yet, his acoustic work, although loosing none of the moodiness, sparkles with precision and texture. He plays with a well developed finger-style approach, embellished by advanced techniques such as tapping and percussive hits. Ac(e) maintains an even tempo whilst filling his playing with clever articulations and expressive moments, delivering more than the average strumming approach to acoustic guitar, instead capturing attention with fully developed acoustic soundscapes.

You can hear his acoustic work on his tracks 'Ed Wood' and 'Tuesday' that seem more West-Coast acoustic blues than we would expect from a musician who hales from Austria, and not far from the birthplace of Mr Schwarzenegger himself.

Ac(e) G sings with a genuine rock voice. It's strong, with as much grit as needed to suit his style, and every word delivered with sharp clarity. His elusive lyrics conjure abstract image after image. They are tightly woven together by Ac(e) G as he takes us by the hand and pulls us along a twisting path of aural art. There's never enough time to process any moment before we are given the next, leaving the listener with a dazed sensation of, 'what just happened? Let's go back and listen again.' Whether intentional or not it's a clever component of Ac(e) G's songwriting skills.